Hello, my name is Stephanie

I create websites, code and art

What I make


I work mostly with agencies, but occasionally take on individual projects. Depending on client needs and budgets, I build websites completely from scratch, from provided designs, or by customizing existing themes.


I create UI/UX plans for apps and websites, and sometimes code them. I work mainly as a front-end developer and provide code based on the designs either created by myself or by others with whom I collaborate.


I love painting, crafting, drawing, photography and learning new ways to work out the right side of my brain. I enjoy the art created by others as well - possibly even more than creating my own.

About me

I've been creating since the time I first held a pair of safety scissors and owned my own box of fat Crayola crayons. I've been interested in computers since my family first got a home PC with dial-up Internet access when I was 13. I've been working professionally in the web world for more than 10 years and hope to become an inspiration and mentor to girls and women looking to work in STEM fields.

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